Top 5 Productivity Tips for Night Owls

Some people find themselves more productive at night. You could call these people night owls, because as soon as the rest of us go to sleep, they get to work. However, there is one major disadvantage for night owls: the fact that most business won’t resume until the morning, so they have to complete all of their tasks without the assistance of anyone else. Unfortunately, this type of work can be so exhausting that by the time the sun comes up, they are unable to get anything done. Essentially, productivity can easily be shot. Here are the top five productivity tips for night owls.

  1. Eat a big breakfast. A big breakfast will give you enough energy to get to the middle of the day, which is when you should be taking a short nap to get you through the rest of the day. However, by starting your day with some good strong calories, carbohydrates, protein, and potassium, you will have enough fuel to make it until about noon or so. That frozen croissant and cup of instant coffee will only give you about an hour of energy and then you’ll feel like sleeping the rest of the day.
  2. Nap. If you have to work it might be hard to take a nap, but if you can, it will definitely make you more productive. Even a 15-minute nap in the car or in the break room will make you more alert and productive. Just remember to set an alarm so that you actually can wake up. If you think you’ll sleep right through the alarm, it might be smart to ask a coworker to wake you up at a certain time. The last thing you want is to get in trouble with your boss.
  3. One of the most inspirational life quotes about staying awake all day comes from the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche: “Sleeping is no mean art: for its sake one must stay awake all day.” It is true that staying awake after you have been awake all night can be difficult, but it is important to keep yourself doing things that interest you in order to keep yourself alert. Doing boring tasks is a surefire way to start getting drowsy.
  4. Don’t drink energy drinks. Energy drinks are full of caffeine and other chemicals that can do more harm than good. Caffeine can lift you up, but just as swiftly, it will cause you to crash. Combine that with the sugar in most energy drinks and you have a recipe for disaster. So, instead of energy drinks, try sticking to water and healthy snacks, and you will see a remarkable difference in your alertness.
  5. Get exercise. If you can, bike to work, or get up and take a walk during the day. You might even be able to do some jumping jacks right there at your desk. Anytime that you feel exhausted, just get your body moving and your blood flowing – you will notice that you will not only feel more productive, but also more alive.